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Course Announcement: Islamic Economics & Finance

In a continuing partnership between Maqasid Institute (MI) and International Peace College of South Africa (IPSA), comes this new online course that introduces students to the basics of Islamic economics, its higher objectives and how it challenges the capitalist model.

Dr. Zaid Barzinji and Dr. Ildus Rafikov are the instructors of this 5-week course that commences on August 2nd and discusses Islamic worldview, Islamic economic methodology and system features. It also deals with market functions, consumer behavior, resource distribution and sustainability, and the global economic order. Significant areas such as riba prohibition and principles of Islamic banking and finance are also discussed.

Dr. Barzinji is MI Executive Director with a PhD in Economics and experience covers the banking industry. He is a BBC expert commentary on current global economic & finance affairs and research in the area of the higher objectives of Economics.

Dr. Rafikov is a Senior Research Fellow at MI and a lecturer at the Institute for Knowledge Integration. He is an expert in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance with a holistic view towards sustainable development.

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