The Revelation does not present reality via disciplinary or specialist methods. Rather, it deals with the truthful manifestations of reality, both as they are in lived experience and as they ought to be, given their divine purpose.

In Usuli studies, we aim to refocus the Islamic revelation in foundational and fundamental theories. While we regard those who contributed to the historical development of usul with respect, our primary objective is the reconstruction of traditional Islamic methodologies in a way that provides a foundational (Usuli) basis for contemporary needs.

In Disciplinary studies, we aim to encourage the development of trans-disciplinary approaches that have, as a fundamental premise, the connectivity of all living matter and the necessity of understanding interrelationships and harmony. By connecting authentic knowledge – measured against revelational truths – available in disciplinary ideas and aiding in its integration we aim to overcome the narrow disciplinary biases that have diminished the positive contributions of these disciplines.

In Phenomena studies we aim to create a whole new field of Islamic studies that focuses on examining phenomena both as they are revealed in the Quran and Sunnah and as they manifest in reality. The revelation guides us to consider issues in their wholistic form, and not to fragment reality in ways that negatively impact the connectivity and holism that supports human flouring.

In Strategic studies we aim to support the development of thought and action that steers us toward a better future. Our strategic goal is to propose collective, complex and multi-faceted interventions that manifest a truthful understanding of the universal laws (sunnan) that ought to guide organizations, communities, and the affairs of our Ummah.

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The Maqasid Research Network (MRN) is a prestigious global gathering of researchers, scholars and practitioners working to mainstream and expand maqasid studies in their respective domains. At MI we believe that connection and collaboration is crucial for those working to effect change through maqasid thought and action. Every month one of our MRN members contributes a feature idea to our IDEAS platform that is intended to generate thought and discussion.

Through the MRN, MI aims to provide a conducive environment and resources for members thereby allowing them to leverage learning and collaboration opportunities.  By connecting members and providing both general and specialized hubs for communication, sharing of research, application successes and challenges as well as publication in various forms, the MRN serves to bridge time and place.

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Inspired by the beauty, mercy and comprehensiveness of Islam,MI furthers research on the purposefulness of all created matter, connectivity, and the ways that we ought to interact in this life.
Reading Book of Nature

Reading book of Nature

This course introduces the Book of Nature (Kitab Al-Kawn) and how to read it in conjunction with Allah’s Revelation – Al-Qur’an –.