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MI focuses on two broad educational areas: (1) specific interest courses; and (2) graduate studies.
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MI undertakes two levels of research foundational or basic and applied. Foundational research covers the relationship between maqasid and the primary sources of the Quranic and Sunnah.
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Fatwa and Islamic law, Policy and Governance, Teaching and Training
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The creation of a global Maqasid research network is crucial for generating critical mass of intellectual activities and contributions that can accumulate and build on each other to generate breakthrough ideas.
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MI is constantly seeking the engagement of interested individuals, organizations and communities around the world.
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Meet MI's core of team of dedicated individuals. Along with their MI duties, these scholars and professionals are global ambassadors of maqasid studies and philosophy.
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Message from the President

Prof. Jasser Auda - MI President


MRN research group

News: MI establishes Energy & Environment Research Group

The Maqasid Institute is pleased to announce that the Energy and Environment Research Group has been established and now is […]

discussion workshops maqasid methodology

Events: Discussion Workshops in Maqasid Methodology

The Maqasid Institute is launching next week discussion workshops derived from the Maqasid Methodology Program that was organized in English […]

Muslim societies and organizations yahya brodard

Course Announcement: Contemporary Muslim Societies and Organizations

In a continuing partnership between Maqasid Institute (MI) and International Peace College of South Africa (IPSA), comes this new online […]

Civil State in Islamic Juridicial Tradition

Publications: Civil State in Islamic Juridicial Tradition

Prof. Dr. Jasser Auda, MI President, recently published a research paper titled “The Concept of Civil State in the Framework […]

Baptiste Brodard

Events: Welfare Social Services and Human Dignity.. a Maqasid Approach

The Maqasid Institute will organize a public lecture next Saturday titled "Welfare Social Services and Human Dignity: a Maqasid Approach" […]

Reenvisioning Islamic Scholarship

Publications: “Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship”, new book by Jasser Auda

In collaboration between Claritas Publishing House in the UK and Maqasid Institute comes Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship is a pioneering and […]

intensive NMM course

Events: Intensive Maqasid Methodology Program

You are invited to attend the Maqasid Methodology Program, presented by Professor Jasser Auda. The program guides researchers to formulate […]

Sheikh Muhammad Nuruddeen Lemu

Events: Cognitive Thinking Tools of Islamic Jurisprudence for Contemporary Contexts

The Maqasid Institute will organize a public lecture next Saturday titled "Cognitive Thinking Tools of Islamic Jurisprudence for Contemporary Contexts" […]