MI annual report 2021

Publications: MI releases 2021 Annual Report

The Maqasid Institute has released its 2021 annual report documenting progress accomplished along with challenges endured.

In a hard-hit world by Covid-19, important milestones were achieved this past year by Allah’s grace. These include: publication of the New Maqasid Methodology (NMM) as framed by Prof. Jasser Auda, MI President, in both Arabic and English books that establish the institute’s intellectual identity, formation of the advisory and editorial board of the Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies (JCMS) in serious steps taken to increase the journal’s academic strength given the first issue is due by the end of the year, massive growth of members of the Maqasid Research Network (MRN) to over 850 researchers from more than 55 countries, the start of a monthly newsletter to stay in touch with members, the training of over 250 members in NMM, the formation of two research groups with the aim to apply the maqasid methodology, and last but not least taking research & education to a new level by having MI senior staff teaching courses in contemporary Muslim societies and organizations, public policy and economics & finance from an Islamic perspective in a continuing & fruitful partnership with the International Peace College of South Africa (IPSA) as well as in two summer schools in Turkey and Kyrgystan.

Additionally, a research manager has been appointed to identify research topics and supervise research groups, ensuring their contribution applies concretely to (NMM). Alhamdulillah for all of these achievements and we ask Allah for His continuous blessings.


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