News: MI establishes Economics & Finance Research Group

The Maqasid Institute is pleased to announce that the Economics and Finance Research Group has been established by the end of 2021 led by Dr. Lisa Listiana, MI Econ & Fin Research Group Manager and Executive Director of Waqf Center for Indonesian Development and Studies (WaCIDS) with a PhD in Economics from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Activities kicked off early December with a lecture titled “Al-Zakah Foundation and the New Mechanisms for Financing and Development” by Dr. Ibrahim Adeeb Ibrahim Al-Chalabi, Lecturer at Mosul-University, Faculty of Management & Economics with a PhD degree. Dr. Zaid Barzinji, Executive Director of Maqasid Institute with a Phd in Economics, University of Utah was the discussant while Dr. Listiana was the moderator.

The paper presented had a new method of dealing with Al-Zakah from an economic perspective starting from Al-Zakah’s objectives as a governing frame for economic, legal, social, political jurisprudence guidance related to the Zakah process. It suggested compatible mechanisms with rules of economic life using them to achieve Al-Zakah objectives in a way that does not contradict the Islamic judgments. The paper also tried to develop a methodology for economic researches in putting Al-Zakah policies and all other development and investment-related activities.

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