The Maqasid Institute is pleased to announce that the Economics and Finance Research Group has been established by the end of 2021 led by Dr. Lisa Listiana, MI Econ & Fin Research Group Manager and Executive Director of Waqf Center for Indonesian Development and Studies (WaCIDS) with a PhD in Economics from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Activities kicked off early December with a lecture titled “Al-Zakah Foundation and the New Mechanisms for Financing and Development” by Dr. Ibrahim Adeeb Ibrahim Al-Chalabi, Lecturer at Mosul-University, Faculty of Management & Economics with a PhD degree. Dr. Zaid Barzinji, Executive Director of Maqasid Institute with a Phd in Economics, University of Utah was the discussant while Dr. Listiana was the moderator.

The paper presented had a new method of dealing with Al-Zakah from an economic perspective starting from Al-Zakah’s objectives as a governing frame for economic, legal, social, political jurisprudence guidance related to the Zakah process. It suggested compatible mechanisms with rules of economic life using them to achieve Al-Zakah objectives in a way that does not contradict the Islamic judgments. The paper also tried to develop a methodology for economic researches in putting Al-Zakah policies and all other development and investment-related activities.