Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies

News: Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies Launched Today

The Maqasid Institute launched today the first issue of the Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies (JCMS), an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes articles in Arabic and English in addition to other languages bi-annually.

Read in the first issue:

1. The Maqasid Methodolgy.. A Guide for the Researcher in the Research Objectives Network
By: Prof. Jasser Auda
2. Maqasid Methodology for Re-Envisioning Islamic Higher Education
By: Prof. Jasser Auda
3. The Ontology and Epistemology of Maqāṣidī-based Knowledge and Its Educational Implications.. A Methodological Perspective
By: Dr. Aly Abdel Moneim
4. Maqasidi-based Method.. Problems of the System Layout
By: Dr. Jamila Tilout
5. Understanding Public Policy in Islam.. Institutionalizing Unity, Purposefulness, Collective Decision-Making and Rectification
By: Dr. Basma I. Abdelgafar
6. A Reading in the Maqasid Methodology.. An Analytical Study and Futuristic Insights
By: Mo’taz Al-Thaher
Explore now these articles and read through this link where you can also download the first issue of JCMS.
The Journal is led by Prof. Jasser Auda, Editor in Chief, and Dr. Jamila Tilout, Managing Editor.
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