Civil State in Islamic Juridicial Tradition

Publications: Civil State in Islamic Juridicial Tradition

Prof. Dr. Jasser Auda, MI President, recently published a research paper titled “The Concept of Civil State in the Framework of Islamic Juridicial Tradition: Introductory Remarks” in the International Research Journal of Islamic Civilization (IRJIC) Vol.  1, Issue 1, Jan. 2021.

The abstract reads:

The  concept  of  “civil  state”  can  be  a  source  of  change and progress at political, social and economic levels in the Muslim  world  through  a  new  perspective  on  Islamic  jurisprudence  based  on  the  ‘Maq ̄asid  Al-Shar ̄ı‘ah’,  namely the aims, inner purpose and scope of Islamic law.  A perspective based on the ‘Maq ̄asid will be helpful in overcoming  the  stagnation  of  Islamic  jurisprudence  and  some  of its time-bound prescriptions and characteristics.  This will open the way to the formulations of new theories and perspectives, thus enabling to take the Muslim community to a  better  future,  without  renouncing  its  Islamic  roots  and identity.   At  the  same  time,  the  notions  of  Islamic  roots and  identity  should  be  revised  through  an  honest  historical research which is focused not only on the dynamics of power structures, but on the social, economic and cultural achievements, as well setbacks, of the Muslim community.

IRJIC is published by Tawasul International’s Centre for Publishing, Research and Dialogue.

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