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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Maqasid Institute MI. With Allah’s ﷻ help and your support we can move forward towards our vision of centering divine guidance in human affairs!

Please take the time to complete this form. This will help us evaluate the different tasks you can volunteer to do with the MI. 

Please provide any information that you think may help our team to get to know you better and would facilitate our working together in the future.

Please note that certain sections such as name, educational and occupational background and your picture (optional but preferred), may be included on our website. Other information will only be used for internal MI purposes.

May Allah ﷻ bless you for your intentions and look forward to working together, activating our ummah (community of believers) towards building a better world.

Volunteer Form

Picture Profile -include a pic of yourself for the website, if comfortable
Pictures to be displayed on the website should follow these guidelines for best display: half body, only includes yourself, white background, or outside, png or jpeg files are fine.

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Educational and Occupational Background

Please only include information of academic education. You may also include your background in Islamic Sciences that you have received an Ijaza.

Volunteering experience

Describe any volunteering experiences with other organizations or initiatives in which you participated.

Communication Information

This information will help MI team in future communications

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