Islam addresses all of humanity. Islamic approaches that speak only to Muslims neglect the comprehensiveness of the textual sources and the express mission of Prophet Muhammad (SAS) who was sent as a “mercy to the worlds (rahmatan lil-alamin)” (21:107) and to “all people in totality” (lil-nasi kaffah) (Bukhari 438). The Revelation is a message from Allah (SWT) to all humanity and does not premise all the knowledge or benefits it proffers in this worldly life on faith or acts of worship only. It is a fact, however, that ultimate success (falah) in this life and the next requires faith in Allah and His messengers as part of one’s worldview and approach (2:189, 3:130, 3:200, 5:35, 5:90, 5:100, 22:7, 62:10). The next life is real, and every rational person should work toward his/her welfare in it too. Faith in Allah is a definite condition for success in the next life (2:217, 3:85).”
Re-Envisioning Islamic Scholarship, Claritas, 2021, p. 40.  
Prof. Jasser Auda
Maqasid Chairman
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