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Re-imagining Economics: Transdisciplinary Approach

Online via ZOOM

  This course guides knowledge seekers & researchers to approach the revelation (Quran & Sunnah) for perspective and answers to address economic phenomena. Learners will utilize the Maqasid Methodology, an original and comprehensive understanding drawn from revelation through contemporary study. This course also addresses the limitations in contemporary Islamic studies, which have had a significant...


Reading the Book of Nature

Online via ZOOM

  This course, led by Shaikh Muhammad Foulds, delves into the intricate network of signs (ayats) in the Qur’an and in the world, which together represent the grand architecture of the universe. Through the study of the language of nature we can re-establish the profound bond between the Qur’an and the natural world. This knowledge...



Reading Book of Nature

Reading book of Nature

This course introduces the Book of Nature (Kitab Al-Kawn) and how to read it in conjunction with Allah’s Revelation – Al-Qur’an –.