The Maqasid Institute’s (MI) e-library project provides a list of research and bibliography references for researchers with the aim of supporting the production of innovative and applied studies in the science of Maqasid, which is based on the integration between legal and human sciences, and between theoretical and applied studies.

The e-library reflects the MI Methodology. This is apparent in the classification used to organize the references, whereby we seek to reformulate Islamic sciences and other scientific disciplines. Hence, the e-library will help students and researchers to search for keywords in the titles and names of authors and publishers. In the near future, the project will also include reading and downloading functionalities.

The e-library provides a list of the most important contemporary references in the science of Maqasid in Arabic and English.

The role of the library revolves around the following:

  1. Research support.
  2. Collection and inventory of materials and studies related to the interest of the Institute.

  3. Partnerships with publishing houses and research centers.


A list of research and references has been provided with the aim of supporting the production of innovative and applied Maqasidi studies based on the integration of human and shariah studies as well as the integration of theoretical methodology and applied studies.



Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship

Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship

Maqasid Methodology as a New Approach

Prof. Jasser Auda

Thriving in a Plural World

Principles and Values of the Singapore Muslim Community

Dr. Basma Abdelgafar

Morality in the Qur'an

The Greater Good of Humanity

Dr. Basma Abdelgafar