Maqasid Institute Consulting

Fatwa and Islamic law

MI has a dedicated program to reviewing fatwa and juridical reasoning focusing on areas of social/communal concern to ensure alignment with the maqasid of justice, mercy, welfare, dignity, life, knowledge and peace. This service is provided to individuals and organizations such as fatwa bodies, mosques and faith-based NGOs and individual jurists.

Policy and Governance

This service is provided for organizations and individuals interested in understanding and/or incorporating an Islamic dimension in their work in the areas of growth and development, banking and finance, policy and leadership, arts and entertainment, women and minority rights, food and health, education, social justice, civic engagement and environment. MI has extensive experience in advising and training of government officials in the history of Islamic thought and activism and its contemporary manifestations.

Teaching and Training

MI provides teaching and training to individuals and organizations who are interested in providing effective teaching and training to others in the craft and science of maqasid al-shariah and its application to diverse fields.