Maqasid Institute

The Maqasid Institute is a global think tank that is working to effect a paradigm shift in the understanding and practice of Islam via Maqasid al-Shariah or the higher objectives of Islam as based on divine revelation, the Quran, and the Sunnah to help guard the sanctity of all life forms, promote peace and security, and substantiate the value of divine guidance in human affairs. MI is nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian and committed to the advancement of faith, life, knowledge, prosperity and the welfare of future generations.

The Formation of Maqasid Institute

Over the past ten years, MI was registered as a consulting firm in the UK and MI scholars offered training programs and graduate research projects on Maqasid al-Shariah and a number of related applications at universities, think tanks, governments, and NGOs in over 50 countries. The establishment of MI global headquarters in the USA was a milestone towards providing the proper institutional environment to ensure coherence, integration, and synergy for all maqasid-based efforts.

MI Global started its activities formally in 2017 with the appointment of an executive team including Prof. Jasser Auda as president, Dr. Basma Abdelgafar as vice president, and Dr. Zaid Barzinji as executive director. And a Board of Trustees (BoT) was established. MI’s structure also includes regional executives and directors of affiliate organizations, representatives who act as contact persons and provide limited services, as well as an Academic Council made up of distinguished scholars. Although not strictly an element of its internal structure, MI also has a number of key partnerships with leading academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Maqasid Institute HQ is registered in the USA as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporate entity (US Federal EIN 81-5384123). All MI affiliates, regional centers, and offices are registered as independent NGOs and/or non-profit entities in their respective countries.

Our Vision

Valuing divine guidance in human affairs.

Our mission

Our mission is threefold: (1) Providing the knowledge and tools that enable scholars in different disciplines to reconstruct thought in their area of specialization via a new maqasid methodology; (2) Applying the methodology to critical challenges and phenomena impacting our lives and the welfare of the planet; (3) Facilitating the application of the maqasid methodology in personal and community life through the expertise of Maqasid Research Network (MRN) members.
MI’s structure consists of a Board of Trustees, an Executive Team, Regional Executives and Directors, Representatives who act as contact persons and conduct limited services, as well as an Academic Council and Fellows. Although not strictly an element of its internal structure, MI is also dependent on a number of key partnerships with leading academic institutions, non-profit organizations and the private sector.
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Maqasid Institute Goals

1. Develop a maqasid methodology

At the heart of MI’s project is the development of a comprehensive maqasid research methodology that will form the foundation of a robust paradigm shift based on a holistic understanding of the Quran and the example of Prophet Muhammad (s). The scope of this goal is expansive and will build on a rich historical legacy as well as contemporary intellectual contributions to this field. MI is confident that its team of scholars can produce a concept paper within one year and develop a foundational methodology within five years.

2. Create a maqasid research network

The creation of a global maqasid research network is crucial for generating critical mass of intellectual activities and contributions that can accumulate and build on each other to generate breakthrough ideas. With the objective of providing a conducive environment and resources to collaborate, learn and produce quality research, the network will be designed like an ecosystem. The core infrastructure of the network is web-based to harness the intellectual talents of researchers worldwide efficiently and effectively. Other major components of the network are: researchers database, digital library, e-learning, research training, publishing, and discussion forums. As a fundamental source for the renewed maqasid paradigm being developed, MI will encourage and guide efforts to generate research in the following key areas: Islamic jurisprudence, public policy, development, and women and minorities. Specific research questions and gap analysis of where research efforts should be focused and what resources are needed will also be generated through surveys of the participants in the system.

3. Establish a global network of research centers

The global promotion of a maqasid research network and the application of ideas based on such thought will require support from maqasid focused research centers and partnering institutes and organizations. These centers are envisioned to be premier hubs of MI activities, located in strategic geographic locations around the world to fulfill the following functions: a) conduct research, teach, train, collaborate with local and regional organizations, and provide consultation services, b) provide global perspectives and feedback to further promote and refine R&D throughout MI’s centers and offices, c) work with and support MI offices, representatives, affiliates, and partner organizations within their geographic sphere.

4. Transform thinking and behavior through partnerships

MI’s success, ultimately, will be tangible when maqasid based theory and research inspires real solutions and have tangible beneficial impact on individuals and societies. This impact is envisioned to take place through the cultivation of close partnerships with specialized organizations working on the ground in various areas, like development, public policy, media, education and training institutions, and relief and welfare agencies. To cultivate these partnerships, MI will offer: a) education and training activities that deepen understanding of maqasid principles and application, and b) support for the development of suitable organizational strategies that promote success while upholding the higher principles of the shariah. The partners’ application of maqasid based ideas will provide valuable feedback to continuously revise and improve maqasid-based research and thought. The partnerships will also synergize efforts and promote efficiency, innovation and diversity of approaches.


Maqasid Institution is constantly seeking the engagement of interested individuals, organizations and communities around the world.