MI focuses on two broad educational areas: (1) specific interest courses; and (2) graduate studies.

Our specific interest courses are offered through our e-learning portal. Over the course of next few months we will be designing, developing and delivering several special interest courses aimed at engaging learners from around the world who take a keen interest in the maqasid and Islam more broadly.

The underlying theme of all of MI’s offerings are the higher objectives or maqasid of the shariah. Each course consists of six lessons, of approximately 20 minutes each, for a total of 2 hours of self-paced instruction. Each lesson aims to achieve a set of learning objectives using visual and oral presentations as well as exercises that reinforce what is being taught. Each course also directs learners to relevant online reading materials.

e-learning platforms

MI also focuses on the development of graduate studies using the e-learning platforms of its partner institutions. These programs draw on a blended approach and include all the requirements for high quality higher education studies. Coursework may be supplemented by live classes, discussion forums and thesis supervision depending on program requirements and the nature of our partnerships.

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